The Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons are over and done with for 2011 and now it is time for 2012, so bring it on. Time is here to continue this journey I started on several months back. I also have lots of really great news to share so let’s get started.

Of course 2011 was epic in my life, I lost a total of 86 pounds during the year and I regained my health. I took back control of my life in many means. I have beaten diabetes, I have conquered hypertension, (high blood pressure), my cholesterol is once again in the normal range and my triglycerides are coming into range and should be there in a couple more months. My mental health is much better as well as I have an entirely new outlook on life. I am looking at it through eyes that are not shaded by obesity.

My last blood work:

  • A1C or sugar was 8.4 when I started and it is now 5.2. Depending on who you talk to a diabetic has a level of either 6.0 or 6.5. Either way I have beaten it and am in a normal range..
  • The Cholesterol was 202 when I started and the Doc wanted it at only 200 or less, the last test is standing at 168 which is a significant drop.
  • Blood pressure was 195/110 when I started the last reading it was a whopping 138/71 and my Doc actually smiled at it and how it is doing, then he said “that medicine is working well for you isn’t it?” I looked at him and said “not so much” he asked why and I told him I never took it. He seemed a little upset but I told him I had it under control without the meds. He wasn’t to happy and I’m still a little puzzled over it but in the end I am okay without it..
  • Triglycerides need to be around the 120 mark or lower and minor are still elevated at 143 so I still have some work there. But when I started they were around the 250 mark.

So with all of that said I am a very happy person. I have been told I am like an ex-smoker that is always telling others they need to quit smoking, and if I am then so be it. All I want is to see others healthy. When you get healthy you feel better, you look better, you act better and you even talk to others better because you have nothing but great feeling inside of you. It is something to feel proud of and yes you want to talk about it. Ex-smokers are the same they taste food like they haven’t in years, they can breathe better, they are overall in better shape and feel better as do I…

On to something I like to talk about and that is food, healthy food. I made a desert for Christmas that was out of this world and everyone here for dinner loved it and had no idea it was healthy until they finished and I told them. They were all impressed and shocked at the same time that such a great desert could be so tasty. Here is what I made…

  • Sautéed apples in brown sugar and honey
  • Fresh apple ice cream

Okay so your asking yourself how do you make this and make it healthy?

Saute the apples in sugar-free honey and Splenda brown sugar, the when finished sprinkle some cinnamon on them and a little sweetener such as Splenda or something comparable. Now for the good part the ice cream. Go to the website and check out the purchase of their machine. We purchased it and all you do is use frozen fruit and milk for ice cream. I used 2 cups of frozen apples cubed up into small pieces. I used 1 cup of skim milk and a cup of vanilla yogurt. Put it in the Ninja and turn it on for about a minute and you have ice cream that tastes like soft serve ice cream. It is delicious and healthy. This entire dish was 572 calories with a total of 86.04 grams of sugar. Once you divide it up into 8 servings it came out to a fat-free cholesterol free dish with only 10.76 grams of sugar and 72 calories. So don’t ever think you have to starve or eat things that are nasty when you try to eat healthy because it simply isn’t true.

The Kitchen Ninja is something every kitchen shouldn’t be without. It is a blender, mixer, drink maker, juicer, dough maker, and much more. For an idea of what you can make with it take a look at this page of recipes.

I am not a spokes person for this system just a very happy customer.

Another food that I have found to be great and rather healthy is some of the Subway subs. The Black Forest ham and Turkey sub on Flat Bread with veggies and vinegar with NO CHEESE and NO MAYO are great and if you eat the 6 inch sub it is only around 320 calories and very low-fat. Do you like Mexican? Go into your favorite Mexican Restaurant and order Arroz Con Polio with no cheese or beans. It is chicken and rice. You can even eat it with corn or flour tortillas and you will be eating a delicious and somewhat healthy meal. No it isn’t the best as far as health is concerned but treat yourself from time to time. Also when you go in stay away from the tortilla chips but use the salsa on your meal, it is only about 20 calories per cup so eat away. The chips, well let’s just say a basket of chips will have more calories in them than what you need in a day and they also have fat and cholesterol in them because in case you didn’t know they are deep-fried.

Here is some very interesting information I have found out and it may shock you. These are a few meals from the larger chain restaurants and what some of their more popular dishes contain. I will start with what used to be a favorite of mine and my wife’s…

Red Lobster

  • Beer battered fish.
  • 700 calories   (35% of your RDI of calories)
  • 42 grams fat
  • 4 grams of saturated fat
  • 24 grams carbs
  • 57 grams of protein
  • Crispy calamari and Veggie appetizer
  • 775 calories  (39% of your RDI)
  • 49 grams fat
  • 6 grams saturated fat
  • 58 grams carbs
  • 26 grams protein

If you do go to Red Lobster here are a couple of things that are not so unhealthy..

  • Atlantic Ocean Perch
  • 130 calories
  • 4 grams fat
  • 1 gram saturated fat
  • 1 gram carbs
  • 24 grams protein
  • Atlantic Cod
  • 100 calories  (5% of your RDI)
  • 1 gram fat
  • 0 grams saturated fat
  • 23 grams protein

So not all is unhealthy at Red Lobster but still be very careful in choosing..

Taco Bell

  • Beefy crunch Burritos
  • 500 calories  (25% of you RDI)
  • 22 grams fat
  • 6 grams saturated fat
  • 61 grams carbs
  • 14 grams protein


  • Bean Burritos
  • 370 calories   (19% of your RDI)
  • 10 grams fat
  • 3.5 grams saturated fat
  • 55 grams carbs
  • 14 grams protein

Here is one that just amaze you as it did me..


  • 2/3 lb Double bacon cheeseburger
  • 1300 calories  (65% of your RDI)
  • 97 grams fat
  • 38 grams saturated fat
  • 50 grams carbs
  • 54 grams protein

Now most people when ordering a burger will order fries so

  • Crispy Curls from Hardees
  • 480 calories   (24% of your RDI)
  • 23 grams fat
  • 60 grams carbs
  • 6 grams protein

That is just a few of the ones you will find on the Calorie Counter app for the iPad. It is a great tool to work with.

So I end this once again with saying eat healthy, exercise at least 3 to 4 times a week and you will stay healthy. So what are you waiting for GET UP AND GET MOVING even if it is walking from one end of your house to another to start, just do something and always work on building up to more and more. Before you start on any exercise program check with your doctor first and let them advise you on how to do and what to do in the beginning.

I almost forgot here is my latest picture after going down another size to a size 40 waist pants. I am getting close and now need to start muscle-building and or toning.

My wife has also been on this journey with me and has currently lost over 30 pounds. This is when we started..

Here we are now..

Both of us had out of control health issues that are now under control.